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How I booked my very first job (thank you "Love Wellness Vitamins!")…

My journey from one client to booking hundreds including Google, Walmart, and Chase.

How I built my home studio and brought the clients to me…

My step-by-step process on how I became one of the top bookers in my agency…

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Getting started in this business takes work.

My first day, I had so many questions…

“Do I need a demo?”

“Is building a home studio worth it?”

“I know nothing about mics, what kind do I use?”

“Do I need to find an agent before any of this?”

“Where do I even find jobs?”

Let me Show You The exact steps I took to launch a successful 6-figure voice over career and to be a top booking talent with the agencies that represent me.

My Consultation Services

30 Minute Coaching Session

$75 | 30 minutes

In this shorter session, the stage is yours. 

Do you have general questions about commercial voice over? Ask me!

Maybe you want to be coached through reads for a big audition? I'll give you the feedback you're looking for.

Got a meeting with an agent and need some guidance? I’m here to help.

This session will give you the opportunity to ask questions or work through challenges you may be facing.

One-on-One Online Consultation

$150 | 60 minutes 

In the one-on-one consultation, I'll tell you everything you need to know to get started in the voice over industry.

I'll give you the details on recommended equipment and software, where to find jobs without an agent, and my best practices. In addition, I'll give you copy to read and provide a live coaching session, in which we will go over audition technique.

Together, we'll discuss your background, goals, and how to harness the power of your uniqueness to find and book work. 


Angela Christine is a fountain of knowledge for any voice over artist no matter what stage you find yourself in, Her insight gives you the tools to propel you forward in your goals as a voice actor and her experience allows her to answer many of the questions new voice actors often inquire about. Her coaching style empowers you to bring your true authentic self to the microphone every time."


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